Sarah Petrella’s Devilish Dance Down South

Sarah-Petrella-feature-coming-upby Kendra Beltran

Los Angeles is synonymous with those looking to make it, whether it be with music, movies or TV but it’s not the only place in Southern California swimming with talent. A ways down the 405 on a day with no traffic (rare but it can happen) sits Encinitas, a beauty just north of San Diego and in that picturesque city is Sarah Petrella. She’s a folk singer with a rock edge who has a new single that’s versatile as a pocket knife.

While Sarah has this folk rock thing going on, when “Dancing With The Devil” started I heard this pop rock song infused with a little hint of country tossed in the mix. Genre aside, what really stands out is her vocal range. The pipes are strong with this one, which doesn’t surprise you once you learn that she’s been working towards her musical career since the tender age of 10. That’s when she penned her first song and began finding an appreciation for the theater. That country I heard in her latest single has to come from her time spent in Nashville when she was 15 as well as her love of musical greats like Bonnie Raitt.

Clubs in Los Angeles have hundreds of artists playing each night, but again – it’s not the only place in the Southern California region cranking out music’s next big thing. Sarah Petrella has proven with “Dancing With The Devil” that if you head a little further south, the San Diego region can hold their own too.

Sarah Petrella’sDancing With The Devil” is out now, and stay tuned for more to come from her.


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