Disco Lives – L.A. LAW “HAPPY ALTERATION” – To Release Dance Ready Album in December

L.A.  Law’s Gabe Fulvimar of Gap Dream (and Bell System!) and Jessie Jones of Feeding People (and her solo album!) embark on new age journey of Disco and Electronic Circuitry Music.

What do you get when you burn through the late night creative juices and swirling vocals of Jessie Jones and the American psychedelic synthpop genius of Gabe Fulvimar? You come up with  the brand new collaborative effort –  L.A. Law .

Their first single, Happy Alteration, from a vocals standpoint sounds a bit like Debbie Harry  and Madonna, with a sweet disco beat that  Fulvimar spins using a beat box and loop machine. It’s a little on the short side and will drop out after just 2 minutes and 24 seconds, which in our opinion is a little short, but appropriate for the track premier.   Other songs on the album are much longer, so we hear.

L.A. Law’s full-length comes out on Burger on Dec. 15


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