The Future Looks Bright for The Koreatown Oddity

Armed with a wolf mask on the stage, The Koreatown Oddity otherwise known as Dominique Purdy is an artist to be reckoned with. While others his age are focusing on 401ks and basic 9 to 5 jobs, he’s expanding his horizons making music and even diving into movies. Just last year he was working on a script to Driving While Black, and in between all that and now he’s been churning out music left and right.

As someone with a less than normal job who struggles to stay afloat, the idea behind his 2013 release, No Health Insurance, struck a personal chord with me. Usually you hear these types of lyrics strewn across the the pop punk spectrum, but here they’re placed in this very precise hip hop record and it’s invigorating. Since this eye opening record, The Koreatown Oddity has dropped last year’s 200 Tree Rings and a quick piece earlier this year, Off With The Horse. As the header says, the future looks bright for one of LA’s emerging emcees, so keep on reading on to find out more about The Koreatown Oddity.

Kendra: Has music always been your life plan or were you one of those little kids who dreamed of being a firefighter or a doctor?

The Koreatown Oddity: Hip Hop always been around since I was a kid because of my mom and her being associated with Grandmaster Caz and Ice T´s Rhyme Syndicate, as well as making and selling jewelry and accessories for rappers, DJs and just people in the community in general. My mom did say when I was four I said I wanted to be a pediatrician so I could help kids. I figure I can still help kids through my arts.

Kendra: A couple of years ago you dropped No Health Insurance. Have you since gained not only insurance, but dental coverage and a degree or is that still the case and what drives you to create music despite not being what some would consider “normal?”

The Koreatown Oddity: Nope still no health insurance, no dental plan and no degree. Life itself drives me to make music. All the twists and turns failures and successes; ugliness and beauty.

Kendra: Did you find that you were the only one in your social circle that was not as you put it, “normal?”

The Koreatown Oddity: My social circle of people are not normal folks, and that’s a blessing for constant inspiration and knowledge. Society’s definition of normal is what me and my peeps are not.

Kendra: Being from the west coast, is that where your inspiration came from musically or do you pull from all over the place?

The Koreatown Oddity: LA specifically and definitely has influenced my music. Not just because of the artists from here that have put out classic music, but the overall history and energy of the city. I was born and raised here so the vibe is just in me. Also I will say just things I’ve experienced and felt throughout my life inspire my music as well. The creators that put out projects from film to art to music that we still love decades later that affect people for generations is the type of stuff I connect with most. I could get inspired from just seeing an old man walking down the street with an extravagant cane.

Kendra: Speaking of, with Straight Outta Compton doing so well – there is talks and plans to make more hip hop biopics. Do you think they should just leave well enough alone or go for it?

The Koreatown Oddity: Some Biopics are cool, some suck. Hollywood is gonna pimp out a lot of hip hop stories after seeing the NWA movie’s success. Hopefully they keep the artists involved while trying to recreate these tales. As a hip hop fan we take it personal if someone’s story isn’t told correctly in a film. We need a Kool Keith movie, and a Rap-a-Lot Records movie. I’d see those joints; just make sure the casting is on point.

Kendra: Back to you and what you’re up to. Come 2016, what can we expect from you in the near future?

The Koreatown Oddity: 2016, there’s a lot of dope things happening. That’s all I’m gonna say. Keep your eyes and ears alert.

Kendra: With so many artists out there, we want to know what new artist you’re listening to that you want to share with our readers and your fans – so let us know!

The Koreatown Oddity: Some homies to check out if you ain’t already up on them: Trenttruce, Taz Arnold,Ras G, Ashtrejinkins, Mndsgn, Swarvy, Vex Ruffin, Kone, House Shoes, Giovanni Marx, Kahill, Jeremiah Jae, Oliver the 2nd, Mothership Collective, Jincallo, Awwwhlee, Tuamie, Eludem, Doc illingsworth, Stro, Dert Beats, Repeated Measures, Eludem, Zeroh, Jon Wayne, Anderson Paak, Knxwledge, Yuk, Matthew David, Cake Dog, Nana B, Joyce Wrice, Coto loco , Gato Mercado, Dj la la, Dj luman, Tron 7 Seize, Tive, Huey Briss, Computer Jay, Cazal Organism, Mono Poly.

That’s off the top off the head . Hope I didn’t forget any cats I wanted to name. Not all these artists are new but people should be up on all of them.

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