Makari’s Kevin Talks Lightened, Yet Haunted Sounds

Being polite can take you a long way, so a big thank you to Kevin Beljan of Makari for being so nice about this interview. It’s always a delight to get a thank you here and there. What a way to spend a Friday night. While Pat Sajak is dishing out prizes for knowing how to spell as an adult, I’m reading over the words Kevin’s sent back to me. He and the rest of his band are probably packing right now and going over checklists as they’re gearing up for a run out with Eidola.

Kevin dished about what fans heading out to those shows can expect, as well as why they decided to switch up their sound between their latest and their last, plus – he’s giving us the scoop on what he’ll be wearing Halloween night, and I must say it’s one of my best costumes I’ve heard in awhile. So continue on for all that and more!

Kendra: Some of you have been playing together since high school. Did you think you’d still be with one another all these years later?

Kevin Beljan: First of all I’d like to say thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Eric and Matt never really stopped playing together, they had a couple of projects before they met Brandon, and then they asked John and I to join. I guess the simple answer is that we didn’t think about who we’d play with, all of us just wanted to keep playing music and see what we could do.

Kendra: Did any of you head to college after high school, or did all of you commit to Makari full time?

Kevin: We all headed to college after high school and each of us stayed for different amount of times. One thing remained though, we all kept playing together because we knew we were onto something.

Kendra: It seems like you guys have lightened your sound just a little from See Dreams to your latest, Ghost Stories. Was that a conscience decision or am I hearing things?

Kevin: Yeah it was a pretty conscious decision on our end. After See Dreams we wanted to take our style in a brighter and more up-tempo direction. We wanted to reshape our sound a little bit by trying to splice the lightness with darkness.

Kendra: The record as well as the lead single, “Paper Ghosts,” plus being in October now made me have to ask – are you guys into that whole paranormal scene?

Kevin: I don’t think any of us are really into the paranormal scene, and I don’t think any of us really believe in ghosts. However, I don’t think that means that we aren’t haunted. I think everyone is haunted by phantom feelings, the ones they’ve lost, and what could have been.

Kendra: Also, do you have your Halloween costumes planned? It’s be pretty easy to go as ghosts…

Kevin: I don’t know what the rest of the band is doing but, I have mine planned; I’m going as a hybrid of two characters, “Where’s Waldo?” and famed writer Ralph Waldo Emerson becoming, “Where’s Ralph Waldo Emerson.” I wear the red and white stripes and glasses and such, then carry an Emerson poem in my pocket. Pretty random, but it meets my needs.

Kendra: Which, you’ll be wrapping up your tour with Eidola on Halloween in Rhode Island. What do you guys have prepared for this upcoming run on the road?

Kevin: We just plan on giving it our all. The goal is to meet as many folks as we can, share our music and our time with them, hope they like what they hear, and have a good time.

Kendra: In the past you’ve toured with the likes of The Dangerous Summer and We The Kings, are there things you have taken from these bands, or any others, that you carry with you as far as being in a band?

Kevin: We definitely picked up a few band life hacks from the guys in The Venetia Fair; bunkbeds in the van and what not. Mostly we just try to absorb what works as best as we can. I’ve come to find it’s about being patient and respectful of everyone, and really being passionate about what you’re doing. I think most would agree this could apply to just about anything.

Kendra: So lastly, is there any new band you’ve been listening to lately that you’d want to tour with in the coming year?

Kevin: We’ve been jamming out to a lot of Hail the Sun and I, the Mighty. We’re also pretty high on PVRIS, and A Lot Like Birds really tickles our fancy. It would be an honor to share the stage with any of those abundantly talented musicians, and hopefully we will be lucky enough to meet some of them soon. Thanks again, it’s been a pleasure!

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