Cutting it Up with Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain, The Terrorist of Rock

Explicit Content – Photo: King Khan bbq

If you have ever gone deep, really deep, into the L.A. music scene you might have by chance, run into a few strange but very talented people. This sub-set of musicians and artist, for what ever reason, play in the shadows to exclusive fans who seek them out for their eccentric performances as much as their music . Some of these musicians play the larger venues  putting on bizarre shows complete with masks, lighted suits, seven inch high platform shoes, or many other costumes and gizmos that delight and mesmerize their screaming and loyal fans.

LA’s Kim and the Created

One less known and far more elusive artist, Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain, AKA the Terrorist of Rock, has played this murky underworld. His performances have been witnessed by only a few – the few at least who would call them selves sane and who have had the balls to sit through one of his shows without running for their lives and cursing his name in the process.

space lady
The Space Lady

Coming Up Magazine had a chance  to meet up with Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain – The Terrorist of Rock – and to ask him a few questions about his music, his life growing up as a twin (His brother plays Country Western Music), and his life as a Rock Terrorist in a country that prefers to hear music about pick-up trucks and Mom’s good ole’ apple pie.

This is as far as we know, the only interview  of its kind ever done with the Terrorist of Rock.  It was conducted only after we agreed to series of conditions that are so crazy and unheard of we are not at liberty to discuss without serious repercussions – and we mean serious.

The following interview was conducted in complete secrecy and is proudly presented here in an effort to minimize the ongoing conflicts in the world of Rock and Foreign affairs.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are very proud to introduce you to Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain – the Terrorist of Rock.

Coming Up Magazine: So how are you?
Fuck You

The Terrorist of Rock

Excuse us?

No I mean really – I wish to Fuck you. That is tradition in my home country.  We Fuck the infidels. That’s why we are called Terrorist.

Uh huh. Well – Thank you? I guess that  answers what was to be our first question, which was, how do we know we are talking to the real Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain – the Terrorist of Rock and not to his twin Brother, Mohammad Saddam Hussain, aka the Hillbilly of Country Music?

I am He – The Terrorist of Rock

Are you Siamese twins or just fraternal/maternal twins ?

We are brothers in Islam… Also we are half brothers. I (Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain) am the second son of my father’s (Mohammad Turkmenistan Hussain) third wife (Mohammad Khomeini Hussain). He (Mohammad Saddam Hussain) is the fourth son of my father’s eighth wife (Mohammad Paulrubens Hussain).

Have you ever switched Gigs with each other and started singing each other’s music and totally shocked the audience? 

Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain at a recent Bar Fight in Bakersfield

Ha ha! Yes! One time Mohammad had a gig up north but couldn’t get off his shift at 7-11. Which was cool cause I can’t get gigs and at that point all he played was George Jones, Alan Jackson and George Strait covers. Anyways, I played my music which they were okay with because it was pretty much a biker bar. They gave me free booze, but I get real mean when I’m drunk. I like to provoke people and I say “nigger” a lot. Like a lot a lot. Long story short I ended up getting stabbed and they cut off my beard. But I guess it’s hanging up in the bar now so that’s cool.

Growing up, did you two get in like these major fights about being “the good guys” or “the bad guys” when you played make believe?
Yes, but I’m much more violent so I’d always end up being the good guy. But Mohammad likes irony and so he really got into wearing the yarmulke and payots

I take it you ended up being the terrorist which , I am assuming, is the bad guy?
Hell no! What the fuck is wrong with you? Oh right, you’re American. Fucking asshole

Last question about your brother then we will move on. In a Battle of the bands, who would win – You or your Brother?

I’d fuck his shit up. No one wants to hear Stoner Country. What the fuck is that anyway? Also electric lead guitar tears Jew-ass circles around pedal steel, and all that faggy hick bullshit. And he’s always so stoned there’s basically like negative energy in his music. Not that there’s anything wrong with getting stoned but you need to do other stuff too. Like coke, AMT, etc.

Schematic Album Art for the Terrorist of Rock. The Original Art Work was Blown Up and Never Found

So as far as music goes, you pretty much push the limits. I mean your songs are like titled, “I am Going to Kill the Precedent”, “Fuck You, You Fucking Fuck”, “1,000 Jews”, “Get Fucked Up”.  Are these the songs you would sing for your parents  and family during the holidays?

My dad doesn’t speak English, which is good because if he did I’d be stoned in more ways than one! But a few of his wives speak it. He’s got like seven or eight races of wives, you know. I can’t tell if they are laughing or crying but their burkas start moving up and down and it starts smelling like damp onions so whatever.

Has your Mom ever washed your mouth out with soap?

Yes, she actually waterboarded me one time! Another time she killed my first wife (Mohammad).

What are you trying to achieve with these lyrics and songs?

I’m just trying to keep my audience (me, my taxi passengers and my two remaining wives, Mohammad and Mohammad) entertained.

Who are you trying to inspire?

People who are settling for music like Lenny Kravitz. Don’t settle! And people who have real rock in their blood/bones but don’t feel like there isn’t an outlet/audience for their music. There isn’t, but do it anyway. Push the button!

Who is your primary melodic influence? 

Paul McCartney

Who did you idolize in music growing up?

New: Ween, Clutch, Primus. Old: Pink Floyd, Beatles, Queen

Have you chosen your significant others based on musical ability in the past?

Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain showing up at Traffic Court

All I ask is that they don’t like Slipknot and not shy away from the karaoke stage

What kind of icon do you want to be portrayed as?

Freddie Mercury (minus the AIDS/gay sex)

What musician best represents who you want to be musically remembered as?

David Gilmour

So in closing let me ask you, since Coming Up is about passing things forward, would like to tell us any dirty secrets about your  Brother – I mean is he like secretly a real terrorist and uses the country hilly-billy thing to hide in plain sight? 

What the fuck! Are you Homeland Security. Don’t print that question. Cocksucker!

What are your musical plans and where can we catch up to you to see you perform?
No one will book me for gigs. I do open mic nights here and there. I usually only get a song or two in before they cut me off and blacklist me. Fucking shit. Come watch the terror! We’ll get shitfaced and cropdust some hipsters.

_48623134_guitarman022Thank you Mohammad Bin Laden Hussain – the Terrorist of Rock . The World will sleep better knowing that you have our backs and will continue to play your music, albeit in the shadows, until His holy one does what he’s supposed to do. 


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The Real Mohammad Hussain currently resides in Echo Park, California and is not a real terrorist. Mohammad loves America and is one funny and talented guy. He is currently putting together his 6th record which will be about redemption and forgiveness and is due out sometime in 2016. You can listen to all of his songs on iTunes and at Spotify 

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