Globelamp’s About to Share Her Orange Glow

Elizabeth le Fey- Globelamp

Genre: psychedelic folk

Hometown: Southern California

There’s something to be said about a person who believes in magic and studies sound

There may in fact be a dating app out there for such people, possibly “magical audiophiles?” Whether or not there’s a place out there to for people like this to find love is beyond me, but I only brought it up to introduce you to someone who fits that bill. Globelamp is a young girl whose parents call her Elizabeth, but to you and me she’s a folk artist with a darkened twist.

Globelamp will soon be dropping a new album, The Orange Glow, and when she does she’ll be heading down the coast from Washington to LA to play a record release show. So to find out more about the tunes, the show and more – continue reading on and know that somewhere out there is a girl who loves her magic as much as she appreciates sound.

Kendra: Last year you dropped Star Dust, an album recorded all over the country. Did you do the same with The Orange Glow?

Globelamp: No I didn’t do the same with this album. 90% of The Orange Glow was recorded in Los Angeles at Joel Jerome’s studio. “Controversial/Confrontational” and “Moon Proof” are the only songs that were recorded in Olympia, Washington. I think that during The Orange Glow I had a more stable recording environment and it’s reflected in the music.

Kendra: Sticking with that time period for a second – was everything mapped out ahead of time, or did you just go with the wind?

Globelamp: Star Dust was not mapped out ahead of time. I didn’t even know what the album would be called until the end of wrapping it all up. The Orange Glow was the opposite of that. I had the album name and the concept before I had all the tracks, and wove the tracks in to fit a general feel/story.

Kendra: Aside from listening to music, I love to read the lyrics and I fell hard for some of the tracks on Star Dust based on the words alone, especially “Breathing Ritual.” Did you ever consider being a poet instead of a musician?

Globelamp: Thank you, I really appreciate that because yes, while growing up, I wanted to be a writer (poetry, short stories, and fiction). At some point along the way I realized I could use my poems as lyrics and Globelamp began.

Kendra: Were you in a state of mind of female empowerment when you penned and recorded “Daddy’s Gone?”

Globelamp: Definitely.

Kendra: Speaking of, you’re auctioning off one of your bras for breast cancer awareness. I just wanted to mention it because that’s awesome and we’ll move on now. Can you tell us a Quija Board would say if we asked it about The Orange Glow?

Globelamp: I did auction a bra off for breast cancer awareness. I’m glad to know I could help in any way possible. Haha, that is a neat question about the Ouija board. The Ouija board would shake, the lights in the room would turn orange and dim as the letters would write out: RUN!

Kendra: Also, what can fans expect when they head out to your free Orange Glow release show in LA on October 29 at Harvard & Stone?

Globelamp: They can expect to celebrate the release of my album with me! They will hear me perform some new and old songs and some with a backing band (which is rare for a Globelamp show). They can expect me to be excited to be getting a break from Olympia (where I live) to be in my hometown of LA. They can expect to hear some awesome music from the other bands Joel Jerome, Santoros, and Clementine Creevy from Cherry Glazerr DJing.

Kendra: Will you be playing any of the songs off your cover album?

Globelamp: Probably not at this show.

Kendra: What made you head towards a song from Anastasia for that one though? I ask because it’s one of my favorites and she’s often overlooked because she’s not in the Disney gang – which is rude.

Globelamp: I agree! So many people have never seen that movie so I always get excited when someone recognizes the song. I used to LOVE that movie as a kid, and the song has always stayed with me. I wanted people to hear it the way I heard it in my head.

Kendra: You’ve traveled the world and with that have probably met some pretty awesome artists along the way. Is there anyone or ones that coming up that you’d like to shout out?

Globelamp: I’d like to give a shout out to Anna Gordon in Olympia, Gabriel Wolfchild in Seattle, Hilary Susz in Bellingham, Tele Novella in Austin, Jake Bellows in LA, Angela in Barcelona, Pearl Charles in LA, Annie Girl and The Flight in San Francisco, Aeon Fux in Olympia, and Cherry Glazerr in LA.


Elizabeth Fey has been one busy girl both on and off stage. If you are one of her adoring fans you will know what we are talking about.   Since we published this interview last year, Globelamp has released several awesome music videos including these here.


Globelamp – The Negative – 

Published on Aug 9, 2016

Taken from The Orange Glow – out now on Wichita Recordings.


Globelamp – Artist/Traveler –

Published on Jun 5, 2016

Directed by Elva Lexa.

Taken from Globelamp’s forthcoming album The Orange Glow, out 10th June 2016 on Wichita Recordings.




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