One Cannot Forget Loren Smith

Photo Credit: Adam Tyler

When The Voice came out, I was all about it but then Blake Shelton and Adam Levine started to annoy me and I figured I was better off watching actual television on those nights instead. What I did learn though is that I think I have a pretty good ear for who should make it….even though some winners would not have been my picks. Nevertheless, I know a good set of pipes and that’s exactly what I thought when I listened to Loren Smith’s two new singles. He’s a pop singer from Los Angeles who throws a good helping of traditional soul into the mix to give his music a little something extra.

Today R&B isn’t bad, it’s just a lot of artists want to toss in hip hop when it’s not necessary. They’re going for a mainstream hit instead of relying on their natural talent. Thankfully artists like Tyrese are celebrating classic R&B and acts like Loren Smith are following suit. Smith’s “Always Remember” is what I’d like to call easy listening. It’s simple in nature and his vocals are what shine bright. On the flip side, he cranks up the beat a little with “Beautiful Smile” and delivers a song that’s both feel good and sounds like something you’d hear during a date in a ‘90s romantic comedy. He’s able to mix that soul with the pop to create a soothing yet entertaining sound all around.

There are many things I can’t do like drive and tell you how zippers work, but one thing I’m sure of, I know a good voice when I hear it and I heard it loud and clear with Loren Smith. So if you’re a fan of Babyface and Brian McKnight, then you’ll want to check this rising artist out today.

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