Hammered Satin’s Glitter and Glam

Wife swapping was a thing thanks to the emergence of swinger parties, the Ouija Board was scaring the hell out of slumber parties and Grease was definitely not only the word but one of the coolest movies around. It was the ’70s and according to Hammered Satin’s Noah Wallace, that’s when rock music was at it’s best. In just a second he’ll elaborate on that notion, but what you need to know now is that his band is far from a throwback. Now let’s get to the LA band that’s spreading their glitter rock all over the nation.

Kendra: The year was 2010 when you guys came together, so why did you head 40 years back in time when it came to creating your sound?

Noah: Rock n’ roll hit its peak in the ‘70s and declined back downhill in the ‘90s until it eventually fizzled out. We are only influenced by the ‘70s because in our opinion that was when rock n’ roll was at its finest. But that is only stylistically speaking. Lyrically, I deal with current modern day things that are happening now. Years, decades, genres and styles of music can all be transcended by a great song. I don’t think dating new music is relevant anymore in 2015, and going into the future. We don’t see ourselves as a “throwback” or “retro” group because we are writing new music. Although I understand if people feel that way about us and that’s fine too.

Kendra: So you have this big style that’s very expressive, but if you had to explain “Glitter rock” to someone as a mime – what movements would you make to do so?

Noah: I don’t really know what a mime is exactly but I’d say a platform boot stomping would sum it up pretty good.

Kendra: Gears of Music noted that it’s clear your influences are Bowie and Robert Plant. Anyone else you grew up idolizing in that scene?

Noah: Brian Connolly and Marc Bolan are my top two. Russell Mael from Sparks’ falsetto is also a huge one for me. Rod Stewart, Ian Gillan and Freddy Mercury as well.

Kendra: Last year Rolling Stone named your video for “Foxy Dude” one of the best of 2014. But on a personal note, what makes a guy particularly foxy?

Noah: Talent, confidence, humility, compassion, empathy, intellect, a glam rock haircut, stylish wardrobe and a good suntan.

Kendra: Doing the style you do and emerging from Hollywood is perfection because it’s a place for rock and roll, especially the Sunset Strip. Do you frequent those clubs that still remain?

Noah: We sometimes play The Viper Room or The Roxy but I never “hang out” on the Sunset Strip anymore because it’s lame now. Awful nightclubs and expensive parking lots kinda took it over.

Kendra: Now, which one of the classic venues on the Strip do you think Glamorama would be perfect for? Like if that venue had a soundtrack, all the tracks on that record would be the stars.

Noah: Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco or the Starwood!!!

Kendra: What can fans expect when you head out east this November?

Noah: They can expect a high energy, high torque theatrical rock n’ roll show blasting and revved up to maximum umph delivered in platform boots and glam rock attire. We always give an over the top 110% show. Too many shows these days feature bands that appear to be going through the motions, lacking the energy and spectacle that people were accustomed to in the ‘70s and ‘80s. We will give you every pennys worth weather it’s on a big stage or smaller venue. Music can be entertaining and exciting folks!

Kendra: You mentioned you filmed a TV show recently. Can you indulge in that a little more?

Noah: The show is called Trip Loon’s Goose Chase. Trip Loon directed the “Foxy Dude” video. It features some of the top new rock n’ roll groups in LA and OC. We play six songs live. It’s kind of like a modern day Old Grey Whistle Test, Don Kirshner’s Rock Concert or Midnight Special type thing hosted by this nutty character Trip Loon. It will give us some massive exposure so of course we are very excited about it!

Kendra: Is there a band on the rise in LA that you’ve noticed that you think our readers should check out immediately?

Noah: There’s actually a lot of good emerging rock n roll bands in the scene right now. But my favorite is The Flytraps. They’re a group of rad chicks that sound like a cross between the Cramps and Iron Maiden!!! Check them out for sure.

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