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If  today is any indication of what tomorrow will be like, there is one thing for sure – the future will be mighty bright. Southern California’s hottest, and youngest, up and comThursday in Suburbia 1ing band, Thursdays in Suburbia is not your average kid band, in fact we would be remiss to suggest they are your average Rock Band. Thursdays in Suburbia sound more like a polished metal band than a few kids jamming in the neighbors garage. They have high-energy vocals, heavy bass lines, driving guitars riffs and percussion’s  that will blow most,  if not all, adult drummers away.

How does a group of musicians play this well and sound so good?  We are assuming with lots of practice and a support network of cool parents, music instructors and the self determination to be their very best.

Coming Up Magazine had the privilege to run a few questions by the band recently and we were blown away by their responses.

So how did you come up with the great name, Thursdays in Suburbia?
Our band practice is on Thursdays, and we live in the suburbs.

How long have you been playing together?
The five of us have been playing together since May.Thursday in Suburbia 1156

Coryn (Lead vocals)
Tanner (Drummer)
Leyla (Bass)
Liam (Guitar)
Dayton (Guitar)

How did you all meet?
We were introduced by our instructors at Rockstars of Tomorrow Music Academy.

Was there ever any question about what style of music you would play?
Yes! A lot! We all like to play different types of music. Some of us like country and rock. Liam and Leyla were in another group that plaThursday in Suburbia 1154yed alternative, so when Thursdays in Suburbia was formed that genre shifted over. We also vote in all of the songs that we choose.

Is it hard to get in enough practice and still be good students at school?
Yes, it can be hard sometimes. But most of us are on Honor Roll, so we work hard at both – school and music. We’ve had teachers come to our shows, and their encouragement means a lot to us. We all make sure that school is our first priority.

What do your friends think about you guys being in a band, I mean you have to be some of the only kids your age playing places like the House of Blues, right?
Our school friends think it’s pretty cool, and sometimes they come to our shows. Our friends at Rockstars of Tomorrow perform a lot, too. All of the bands are supportive of one another, which is really cool. It’s fun getting to go see our friends playing at different places, too.

What other things do you like doing in addition to playing music – are you into sports or anything?Thursday in Suburbia 1155

Some of us like sports – soccer, football, and basketball. We all like camping and water sports like wakeboarding. Leyla rides a dirtbike. Coryn is in drama, too.

Would you say music is your favorite interest out of all of them?
Yes!! Some of us play multiple instruments, too. Coryn plays the trumpet, baritone, piano, bass and guitar. Leyla plays bass and guitar.

Who are some of your music heroes – better yet who are your heroes in general?Thursday in Suburbia 113
Our parents, because without them we wouldn’t be able to do any of this. Musically, we all have lots of people that we look up to:
Tanner – John Tempesta, Rick Allen, Duff McKagan
Leyla – Flea. Hunter Burgan from AFI
Coryn – Haley Williams
Dayton – Slash
Liam – Santana, BB King
And all of our instructors at Rockstars of Tomorrow : Michael Anderson, Chuck Jackson, Carla Boe, and Jericho Law

When you are not playing music, what kind of music are you listening to, Rock, Electronic, Country?
We listen to a wide variety of music. We like alternative, country, rock, classic rock, and blues.

Do you have any bands or musicians you are really into right now?
Muse, Guns n Roses, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo Fighters, My Chemical Romance, Flyleaf, AFI, Paramore, Evanescence, AC/DC, Santana and BB King.


Okay – just a few more questions:
Most of the songs are playing are cover songs, which are like really great. Have you thought about laying down a few of your own tunes?
Yes! We are working on writing original music. It’s going really well and we’re excited about what we have so far.

Thursday in Suburbia 1134Can you give us an idea of what kind of music it is – is it edgy metal or more traditional Pop?
It’s definitely not pop. The songs that we cover have influenced us a lot so we’re using that sound to help us in our songwriting. It’s “heavy alternative.” We want to get people up and moving when we’re playing.

Are you planning on recording a few of your songs soon, say maybe putting them on Bandcamp or iTunes?
Hopefully soon. We want to get into the recording studio at Rockstars and then maybe put our songs on Sound Cloud.

Where would you like to be next year with your band? Do you see yourselves Touring – hah!


By next year we would like to have more original music. We want to keep playing local venues, but touring to new places would be cool too. We want to be the best that we can be.

Well, that’s almost it for now, but we do want to ask you, since our Magazine is Called Coming Up which is like moving forward in a positive way, we like giving shout outs to people. Are there any people or other bands or musicians you want to give a shout out to – say someone we should have a listen to?
There are a lot of awesome bands coming out of Rockstars of Tomorrow. Surge, Minor Strut, Roy G Biv, and Brianna Becerril and Radiodrone. They’re out there performing all the time – check them out!

Thursdays in Suburbia is performing around town and hopefully near you soon. Check out their Facebook page and give ’em a holler.