The Quarantined’s “Feeding You Lies” Before the Main Course

With AMC still serving up hits about the undead and ebola scares being ever present in our society – we’ve all heard and think about the idea of being quarantined.

To be holed up away from the danger, or to keep the danger in – it’s nothing new, but what is? LA’s own The Quarantined and their upcoming release, Antiquate Hate. It’s out October 27 and just in time for Halloween because the sound could cause quite the scare in those who are afraid to give music with some bite a real chance.

Looking at The Quarantined, one would assume they were just a metal band of some sort. While elements of the headbanging are apparent, I was surprised to hear some rhymes in the mix when I checked out the lyric video for their lead single, “Feeding You Lies.” This trio made up of Sean Martin, Kaspars Grinbergs and bassist Alex Diaz started back in 2010 and have been making a name for themselves not only because of their abrasive blend of rock and rap, but because of their wild stage antics that prove to be a great time for all.

You can check out “Feeding You Lies” now and the rest of Antiquate Hate when it drops October 27.


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