Static Fiction: All In

When I was in middle school my bridge between pop and punk was Good Charlotte. They were shoveled down my adolescent throat thanks to MTV and all these years later they’re first two records sit atop a list of my personal favorites. That little look into my past only came about because I was reminded of them, as well as some other nostalgic pop punk gems when I started listening to Static Fiction’s All In. The latest from this Huntington Beach band is a throwback to the music that was coming up over a decade ago and stands away from what the genre has grown into today.

Today pop punk is less about the punk or pop and more about the emotional breakdown of the mental psyche thanks to bands like Real Friends and The Wonder Years. Which, they’re great and awesome but sometimes you just want to hear something that reminds you of a good ol’ Allister record. That’s where All In comes in. It opens with just that due to “Main Street” and while it may not take you all the way to Fullerton, “Keep It Moving” has a definite California punk feel in a way that it’s just fun to listen to and not overbearing. “Temporary” has a stellar beat to it that was a bit unusual but interesting while “AMRA” stood as the most punk track and then it all ended with an acoustic cap with “Till The End.”

When all is said and done, we love to be reminded of the music we grew up with and that’s why I couldn’t help but smile when Static Fiction came into play. Their sound is pop punk when it was still about intertwining the pop and the punk evenly. If you like bands like MxPx and Good Charlotte, check out All In – out now.

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