Slow Death Lights: Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare

When you come from the deserts of California it’s hard to believe stars rise from the dry atmosphere. Alas, there is someslow-death-lights-broken-spirit-desert-nights-review

magic down in the dry spell that is Joshua Tree, CA. Widely known for their park you can hike at, it’s also known for churning out some great tunes. U2 has their The Joshua Tree album, Queens of the Stone Age popped up not too far from there in Palm Desert and Canada’s own Slow Death Lights came down to record their latest, Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare, there.

Slow Death Lights are the type of band that dudes want to be like, and women want to be with. Now, not all men and women – but more those who are adorned in black tees all year round, some leather and who like to listen to Ozzy like it’s a religious practice. These are the kind of people who’d want to get down with this record. Only two songs deep, Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare delivers a lot in its tiny package. “Dirty Chores” serves up a healthy dose of guitar licks while the rock never ceases to slow down when it comes to “The Watermill.”

The rock is constant when it comes to Slow Death Lights and if you’re all about music that never lets up and continues to bang it out every step of the way, then by all means – get your hands on Broken Spirit Desert Nightmare today. Also remember that big cities on the map aren’t the only places that can create musical gems.

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