Chelsea Perkins: You’re Busy

Photo Credit: Tiffany McCoy Photography

An opened Baby-Sitters Club book is beside me and the other room is filled with chatter about the unjust thoughts about being a black father; a documentary my boyfriend is helping a friend out with. All the while I’m in my little cell listening to Chelsea Perkins’ You’re Busy. The title of her album is an understatement to my freelance world, but I’m taking some time to give her all my attention because come 2016, you’re all going to know her name like it was your own.

A little like an omniscient presence, the album starts with the soulful pop of “Quota.” Chelsea’s strong vocals are apparent and become more savory than sweet when we get into the depths of “Brown Sugar.” As the record plays on the title track proves that a killer chorus can make a song stand out. While “You’re Busy” was making waves with its hook, “Girlfriend” featuring Santino Corleon was sounding like something you’d hear while shopping at Urban Outfitters. A song played in between ‘90s rap and a Coachella headliner that’s gone mainstream but is somehow still indie enough to be cool. Lastly, the “White Flag” waves at the end and it’s very similar to what you’d hear on a record from Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus – one of those songs they actually sing, not one they put out to make dance clubs happy.

For the record that Baby-Sitters Club book is for a tentative project that I don’t want to get into right now. What I do want to lament is the fact that Chelsea Perkins is an artist I came across by chance, reached out to and that just so happened to release a record last week. Her voice is strong, her style modern and her name – one you’ll want to get acquainted with now. So in order to do that, check out You’re Busy, out now.

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