SYKA · ‘Close My Eyes Forever’ Feat. Jesus & Constantine Maroulis Official Music Video

From Syka’s Facebook Bio:

Syka, known for their dazzling live performances, conceptually driven music, & dark glam style, is showing the world what it means to Stay Wild.

Growing up on bands like Judas Priest, Motley Crüe, KISS, Manowar, and Metallica helped burn rock n’ roll and metal into their souls. This undying love for eclectic rock n’ roll evolved into their love for bands like Nine Inch Nails and artists like Lady Gaga. From a young age they each knew what their purpose was, and as their paths converged they knew it was for the shared destiny: to be the first true rockstars of the 21st Century.

Jesyka grew up in the spotlight. Her musical theatre and classical background showed her discipline… but she got excited about the dark underground rock scene of NYC and broke all the rules. Now she’s a fierce wild child never seen without her 4 inch heels, fishnets, and spiked bra on… singin’ the next hit.

Gregg was born and created a rockstar. He was brought up on old school rock & metal bands, learning the best riffs before he could even pick up a guitar. Then, when the studio called his name, he put his blood, sweat, & tears into classical/metal guitar… and finding all the right sounds. Now, Gregg puts on his Jeffrey West skull boots, leather & chains, and takes the stage with his Les Paul like the badass he is.

Gino is a gangster. After years of not giving a fuck, Gino remains true to his untamed, party hard lifestyle. You can always find him backstage in a cloud of smoke, with a can of red bull and a cigarette.

Steve planned on a conventional behind the scenes life, until he got a taste of the dark side. One night out on the scene and he was hooked on the rockstar lifestyle. His natural rhythm and flow drives the band’s intensity night after night. Steve bangs his drums pretty hard, but bangs the groupies even harder.

Together, they are SYKA, here to blaze a new trail, break the barriers, and to live; not just exist. From the depths of their soul to yours, they share this burn to remind you: never lose your fire.

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