Alec Lytle & Them Rounders: The End of Ours

alec-lytle-and-them-rounders-the-end-of-ours-reviewIf the state of California decided to be split into two, I’d be one of the people who were completely okay with that. There’s such a difference between the north and south, that we are like two different worlds – and even better if the middle wanted to do it’s own thing. While it’s a general consensus that laid back is the way to go throughout, Southern California does it in a chilled manner while the people of the north are more precise. The music you’d hear the transients playing on the beaches of Venice is quite different than what Alec Lytle & The Rounders are making up the coast. Their music has a simplicity to it, but while easy sounding – you can hear the intricate moments sewn in the seams that made up The End of Ours.

An homage to their locale, “North, CA” opens the record with a nice acoustic greeting. From the slow pace of “Ordinary Day” to the alec lytlemore upbeat” Frozen Ground,” Lytle showcases both sides of the story right off the bat. While I wasn’t too into the water works of “The River” and “Rain,” the story of “The Fiona You’ll Never Know” stood out as well as the vibe of “Train Long Gone.” While the lyrics wouldn’t really fit a wedding, I could hear this one being played during one of those barn weddings that are so popular because of Pinterest. “Underground” sounded a little worldly with Celtic undertones and then I wanted to end on the best note – “This Must Be The Place.” It was the only song that lost me; in a good way. It played and my mind didn’t want to critique, only listen. It wasn’t even the most layered piece. Going back and listening once more, it was quite simple but it worked the best.

Even though I’d be on board with California being split into at least two states, I would never want us to be completely out of touch with our brothers to the north. This is especially true if music like the kind heard on The End of Ours is what’s coming down and spreading joy through the southern part of the state. For more, check out Alec Lytle & Them Rounders.

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