Mystic Braves’ Time Traveling Sound

They say a picture’s worth a thousand or so words, don’t they? Well that’s the case when you see Mystic Braves. You know right away what kind of music is going to escape them. What isn’t clear is that they live in a world with the internet, Kim Kardashian and Starbucks. This LA band could’ve stepped right on stage before The Beatles, but instead they’re in 2015 and probably forever thinking they were born too late. However, there’s an audience for their throwback to the ’60s. Not everyone in today’s world wants the music that sounds modern. So instead of having to search through on vinyls at thrift store and wish you could’ve seen a band like that in your lifetime, you can.


Mystic Braves may sound as vintage as a metal lunchbox looks, but they’re right here in LA – now. They just played a string of shows at the end of October, but have another planned away from their hometown in San Francisco on November 5. That’s one day before they drop their new record, Days of Yesteryear. Check out the show if you can, and the album either way and hear songs that are for those who’d rather hear The Mamas & The Papas instead of acts like Muse. Songs to definitely sample before you dive in; “Great Company” and “Spanish Rain.” And don’t forget their new album’s out November 6.

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