Kissing Party: Looking Back it Was Romantic but at the Time I Was Suffocating

When pop falls down in the couch and you pull it back out, you’ll find it covered in fuzz. The bubblegum of it all sounds a little muffled, and now it’s more on the indie side of the line than anything else. That’s the imagery that came to mind when Kissing Party’s Looking Back it Was Romantic but at the Time I Was Suffocating. There were definitely these upbeat moments that felt like pop, but then the way their vocals were constructed around everything – it was more like an indie band with pop undertones.

If Katy Perry evolved and gone down a more underground route than the mainstream path, I really feel like she would’ve created a song like Kissing Party’s intro track, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow.” After that I just felt like their sound was what you’d hear on The Bling Ring soundtrack. That’s exactly how “Right Out of Real Life” and “Justine” felt; like a rich kid’s exposure to something other than Top 40, a way to feel like they had something that was all their own. Anyways, that brings me to the punk mentality on the record with “New Glue,” “Trash” and “Two Boys.” It was all about the music there, as it was with the dance ways of “A Vain Victory.” All the while and no matter the genre they’re pulling from, Deirdre and Gregg manage to take turns leading the vocal department throughout.

There were a lot of elements on Looking Back it Was Romantic but at the Time I Was Suffocating. Deirdre’s vocals presented a pop front, while at times when Gregg took over the music gave off a punk vibe. Then there was even some indie tossed in there too. With all that in mind, that’s what’s to expect when listening to Kissing Party’s latest, out now.

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