TÜLIPS: Doom & Bloom

Photo Credit: Debi Del Grande

tulips-doom-and-bloom-reviewby Kendra Beltran

Some time ago I remember going to see Shawn from The Matches new project out in Silverlake at someplace where the name escapes me. Years later I’m pretty sure Billy Ray Cyrus played there. Anyways, that’s besides the point. The music I heard that night was obscure and could be likened to what the theater kids in high school would make if they mated with the band geeks. That night came to mind as I got deeper and deeper into TÜLIPS’ Doom & Bloom.

They say they’re a shoe-gaze band with hints of riot grrl and to me that means it sounds like it’s escaping through a muffled radio. At least that’s where it started with “Vertigo” and then in came “Hotspur.” I found myself listening to it intensely, but I had no clue what was being sung. At certain points things got super deep into the rock with “Evil Eye” and “Perfect Love,” but that last one took an eccentric turn. That turn is where “Wait” started off. When they eased off the rock, songs like “Pretty Girls” had a very indie pop sound to it. That was the one that really stuck with me long after Doom & Bloom was said and done.

Music that makes you remember a time is always a good thing, especially if that memory isn’t a bad one. TÜLIPS made me think back to a night where I saw a very interesting sound because they too share similarities in that they create music that is both enjoyable to those who like indie rock intertwined with fuzz rock, as well as to those people who are a bit out there in life. If you’re a fan of unique rock, check out Doom & Gloom out November 13.

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