The Lake Effects: My Friends All Left Me

Joining a ska band is the icing on the cake for many whose parents made them take band growing up. Especially for those who weren’t able to be prodigies and land scholarship. Nevertheless, the brass section in The Lake Effect is doing just fine and creating this throwback sound that verges on ‘70s hit TV series on their latest My Friends All Left Me.

When the title track started, the sound that escaped my laptop was one I thought I knew. Was this the theme song to some show from my middle school summer’s watching ‘70s programming on Nick at Nite. Then with the lyrics about not being able to handle things, it quickly walked into the future and settled in the ‘90s – sounding like a song a college kid who played hacky sack then would enjoy. The ska really comes into play with “Toronto (I Need You)” but it’s like ska fused with showtunes as the delivery is very theatrical. Finally “My God OR I Don’t Like Birds, but I still cry when I see them dead in the” proved to not only have a lot going on in the title, but within the lyrics too with the layered story.

The music was on point throughout, but at times I felt the vocals could be a little stronger in certain areas. When you lament about your friends being gone – I want to really feel it and not hear any uncertainty. With that, I will say if you’re a fan of ska music that has an indie rock twist, check out The Lake Effects’ My Friends All Left Me, out now.

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