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Your Facebook Page and your Bandcamp page are NOT yours. They belong to other people and cannot be forced to do all the things that you might want to do.

Let Coming Up Magazine Build a band website that you control completely as soon as possible and it will serve you forever.

Looking to sell merch or upload your videos or music, let the Coming Up technical team do all the work.

Consider running a music estore and thinking of promoting it online? Dont have the time to or know how to create your music related website? Irrespective of the type of your online project, the most convenient advertising medium nowadays is the Internet. Keeping your music needs in mind, we are eager to present your content-rich and professional band website! Check out  some of our Music Web Templates with a vast choice of website layouts for bands, individual artists,ugC2JHO

Let us help you brand and promote your band. Coming Up Magazine has partnered with some of the industries leading website, social media and SEO companies to help you build a solid online presence.

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Forget the “build your own” web site building and web authoring services which make you do all the work, let Coming Up Magazine and the Protasis Creative team build your cutting edge website.

On-line Build Your-Own Website Services are great if you want to spend your time developing, building and maintaining your website. You are a musician not computer geek.  Regardless of the flashy sales pitches that promise you the world or make it seem like a walk in the park to build a website, the truth remains you will need to spend hours selecting a template, writing your copy, uploading your music, getting your photos and graphics together, test driving your site then making sure it looks and works for you. In the end you will have a partial done website that may or may not do the job.

Coming Up Web Development Team for Musicians is the ideal way to get your band page up and working for you as fast and as effectively as possible.

Already have a website but it’s not doing it for you? We can help!

  • WordPress stuff? Updates? Maintenance? We Can Help
  • “Set up my WordPress theme”- yes, We can do that!
  • Do you need a mock up or proposal? Let us Do it!
  • Are you interested in a Sample site? Cool! We are on it!
  • Do you need something more custom? Not a Problem
  • What is the time frame that you are looking for? We Can do that!
  • Do you want to know what is the process to getting you your site? We will explain!
  • How do you get started with all this? Contact Us!
  • Do you need help with everything? Hosting, Domain, etc

Yes – Yes – Yes – That’s the only word we know and Coming Up Web Development for Musicians will assist.

We  can help upload your music and videos, develop a social media campaign, help you with your graphics,  communicate better with your fans, anything you need we can help.

Contact Us Now or click here for more information

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  • Directly upload and sell your music or share for free on your own terms
  • Generate earnings from YouTube videos that use your music
  • Have your remixes featured alongside the original versions and earn money when other users upload remixes of your originals
  • Non-exclusive publishing, micro-licensing, sync-licensing, and creative commons licensing service options
  • Get discovered by fans, record labels, publishers, and music industry professionals


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