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I will never criticize you for being an atheist, or laugh at you for believing in God, nor will I call you stupid for being a democrat or a republican. You can be old, young or in between. You can be a muslim, a hippie, a witch, black, white, gay or straight and I will stand by you when other’s point fingers at you and call you violent names and tell you that you are worthless. You can be into rock, blues, electronic, techno, country, any type of music at all and you will be welcomed around me.

Honestly, there are few people like me  and less whome I agree with on every topic, but I will respect you if you are gracious and know how to be polite. There is no place for assholes and nasty people and I am okay with that. If you are a jerk and can’t be gentleman or lady, F off and go your own way. It’s time we all start doing better and owning our shit. You have one life – live well and help others along the way. Work hard and contribute and don’t rely on the Government to take care of you. That’s #comingup

Now Push Play!


Brian Carrillo, Founder, Publisher, Coming Up Magazine


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