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Music is perhaps one of the only universal languages that unites and heals and can touch people of all walks of life and backgrounds.

Music can help elevate and inspire, move and enrich, educate and transform.

Our Mission  is to provide a visibility rich web platform for up and coming musicians and bands that is positive, uplifting and entertaining for both music fans and artist alike.

We realize there are many music oriented blogs and entertainment based websites, but our goal at Coming Up Magazine is to do more than report on today’s  biggest names and artist; we chose to focus on and support the music and bands who are on the come up; the emerging talent and today’s unique up and coming artist, regardless of where they are from or the style of music they play. To date we have featured musicians and artist from all over world including the UK, Canada, Australia, Japan and the United States.  Our goal is to reach people from all over the world and support the indie music scene on  every continent.

Help us help local musicians and bands by sharing this site with your friends who love music.  A simple “Like” or “Share” will not only increase the traction of Coming Up Magazine, but it will also empower and expose our featured artist so they can continue to make their music.

You can also help us help local and indie music by donating to our Coming Up Music fund. Your contributions will help us direct money for ongoing advertising and publicity efforts and to begin crowd funding up and coming talented artists.

Thank you for checking us out.


Brian Carrillo, Founder, Publisher, Coming Up Magazine


If you have jam, music festival or special event that you wish to announce, please send an introduction email and copy of your banner or flyer to

For additional information on contributions and financial support, please send an email to


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