SØF Impresses with “Ghosts”

February 1, 2017 0

One can never know what’s coming in life, or in this case music. You just never know what direction an artist is going to take when you see just a name on a page. At [MORE…]

Golden Daze Get Maternal with “Ghost”

December 8, 2016 0

You’re going to want to make sure to call your mother after watching Golden Daze’s latest video for “Ghost.” An homage to their own, this LA-based songwriting duo took a natural love sons have for [MORE…]

Fast Facts with Jammer’s Waffle House

November 15, 2016 0

Four years ago Matt Hinojosa’s guitar and vocals, Eve Weiss’ keyboard, David Eduardo Camacho Lopez’s bass and Caymen Vieira’s drums met and formed Jammer’s Waffle House – an indie pop band out of Mississauga up [MORE…]

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